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## fx(params) types The following fx(params) types are available. All types share the same attributes but have different options available to e.g. constrain your parameters to your needs. The available fx(params) types are: - `number`: `Nu…

threejs fullsize resize

let ww:number = document.body.clientWidth; let hh:number = window.innerHeight; = ww / hh;//window.innerHeight;; this.renderer.setSize(ww, hh);

Typescript + p5js

import p5 from "p5"; export class p5Main{ public _width :number = 512; public _height :number = 512; private _p5 :p5; private _dom :HTMLElement; private _bg :number=0; private _callback :()=>void; constructor(){ } init(callback:()=>void){ …


CSS of this blog

/* <system section="theme" selected="life"> */ @import "/css/theme/life/life.css"; /* </system> */ /* <system section="background" selected="pattern-06"> */ body{ background-image: url('/images/theme/backgrounds/2014/pattern-06.png'); background-repeat: repeat; background-attachment: fixed; backgrou…</system>

playing AR Quick Look automatically

I checked inside of mode-viewer.js. The AR Quick Look code was inside it. <model-viewer> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>test</title> <script> window.onload=()=>{ const modelUrl = new URL("g5.usdz", self.location.toString()); /* if (this.arScale === 'fixed') { if (modelUr…</meta></head></html></model-viewer>


gltf-transform on command line GitHub - donmccurdy/glTF-Transform: glTF 2.0 SDK for JavaScript and TypeScript, on Web and Node.js. gltf to glb gltf-transform copy a.gltf output.glb I don't know this is correct, but It seems to work optimiz…


Check when you want to make shader by myself.